We’re half way through the year already! Firstly, how did that happen? Secondly, What a year of films we’ve had so far! We’re not fully into Blockbuster season and 2017 has given us some amazing films to kick of the year. Here’s some of my favourites films I’ve enjoyed this year so far…


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This is the most recent film on the list! If you haven’t seen this film yet I highly urge you to get down to your local cinema ASAP! This film really surprised me. Going in, I really didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. The storyline was great, the love story wasn’t too much, it was also really funny in places and the action scenes were really well done!



Two words….BABY GROOT! OMG! How adorable! I love a Marvel comic film and it feels like we’ve been waiting a life time for this film to come out. It wasn’t as good as the first film in my opinion but it was still a good film. This film is just the first Marvel comic film for this year so I think the 2nd half of this year with movies will just blow us away. 



Possibly the most anticipated film of the year for the whole world! The marketing on this film was just crazy and it was the only film anyone wanted to talk about for a long time. Now its here, it’s been smashing box offices around the world. It’s even been causing a stir in other countries for ridiculous reasons. Poor LaFou. He was my favourite character of the whole film!



I was totally expecting this to be a serious film but it through me! It’s more 90% thriller and 10% horror. It’s advertised as a horror but it was more about the comedy side to the film which I really enjoyed. It’s hilarious! Honestly, watch it! I can’t spoil this film! Just watch it!



I loved this film. This film focuses on woman’s rights and segregation in the 1960s. It sounds like a really serious film but the 3 woman who are the main focus of the story really bring some fun and laughter to a very serious topic. It’s a great story and I loved the characters!



Before watching this film, I never expected this to be the lead up to a secondary “Unbreakable” film! That was a surprise and really ties the two stories together in an unexpected way. I’ve been a huge fan of M.Night for years and his last few films have been quite disappointing so it was great to see his style being used for a great story again.



Of Course this film had to be in this list! It’s been winning EVERYTHING…except the Academy Award for Film for film of the year. That was awkward! Still…it’s an outstanding movie and it’s so great to see something so original as everything we seem to get at the moment tends to be a sequel or remake. 



I was shocked by how much I liked this film. For one, the first half is in subtitles which is quite difficult for me as I am dyslexic. Little Sunny who plays the young Saroo is just the cutest thing and this movie has really changed his life since he was picked out of the Slums for this role. Dev Patel is also a worthy Oscar nominee for his role. Watch out its very emotional!



I’ve seen so many war films but Hacksaw Ridge could possibly be one of my favourites. It’s such a great film and based on an original story which makes is more heartbreaking. The actual war seen is some of the most graphic scenes I’ve ever seen on screen. Mel Gibson has come back with a bang!



I never saw this at the cinema but I knew I would like it so bought it on DVD straight away! What a great film! For me it really embraces female travel in such an unexpected way and I praise Disney for bring a female character which is so brave onto our screens for little girls to embrace travelling like I am doing now!


What is your favourite film so far this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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