Blockbuster season is finally here!!! I’ve been looking forward to some of these films which feels like a lifetime. It doesn’t stop here either as there are more amazing highly anticipated films coming out in July and August too! So clear your weekends for the next few weeks and get ready for some outstanding cinema action!

Whats on at the cinema JUN



I’ve not been overly excited to see this movie if I am honest. However, I am intrigued to see what they’ve done with this story for the big screen. Obviously, Chris Pine is just an added bonus for this film but I am more about story-lines so I hope they do this film justice. No pun intended. 

Approximate release date 2nd June



I love the original “The Mummy” movies and wasn’t very impressed when I heard Tom Cruise was reviving another film which could have just been left alone. However, the trailer looks epic! Also, why does Hollywood always think it’s ok to destroy my favourite London landmarks! Leave our city alone! Destroy your own country via CGI! 

Approximate release date 9th June



This film looks like it’s going to make me an emotional mess! I’ve missed Sam Worthington on the big screen. Who wouldn’t! Look at him! What a beautiful human being! It looks visually stunning and filled with a great cast. You’l probably need some tissue for this one.

Approximate release date 9th June



It’s been a while since Chris Evans did a film which didn’t involve him being in tight spandex. I know. I’m gutted too! However, this film has some promise and looks like a great drama which everyone will enjoy. Octavia Spencer is in this film too! Back to back Spencer movies! Have a day off Octavia!

Approximate release date 16th June



Transformers is my guilty pleasure! I love these movies, even though the last few have been very hit and miss but still I have a soft spot for these films! Mark Whalberg is one of my favourite actors and he’s great doing interviews when he’s blatantly drunk! Check out his Graham Norton interview if you don’t know what I am on about. 

Approximate release date 23rd June



The Minions are probably one of my favourite characters of all time except Disney! I might be forced into Adulthood but I still think they are hilarious! I even dressed up like one for Halloween once! Great night! I will need to grab my niece and nephew for this film to have an excuse to watch it! Kids!!!

Approximate release date 30th June

Which film are you looking forward to watching this month? Let me know in the comments! 


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  1. 04/06/2017 / 8:35 am

    Blockbuster season is here, indeed! Looking forward to The Mummy because I know it’ll be ridiculous but Cruise is awesome in that genre!

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