The 5 BIGGEST films to see in May 2017

Summer is coming, which means the films are getting bigger and better! This month, we have another film which is featured on my Most Anticipated films of the year list for 2017. All of these films have been talked about a lot in the media…some more than others. This list is filled with films that you will be super excited to see or just intrigued to make your own opinions about the films. 

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Whats on at the cinema MAY



This film has been battered to death in the press for a few months under investigation of animal cruelty. With the claims thoroughly investigated and the claims thrown aside, this movie has a lot of positive ground to retake. Personally, I love films with talking animals, I just think it’s hilarious but I am easily pleased! Films like, Homeward Bound, Cats&Dogs, Look who’s talking now and Babe! Great films. This film looks more emotional like Marley & Me which I still cry over but I want to make my own opinion on this film for sure. 

Approximate release date 5th May



ALIEN!!!! I am so excited about this film. If you are a regular reader of my blogs you will know I love Sci-Fi and Horror films. This is the perfect mix of the two and I am a huge fan of the franchise (except Alien vs Predator. What were they thinking???). This looks like its going back to the basics of the films and looks set to be another great movie. Can I get a ticket now?

Approximate release date 12th May



I have always loved stories about knights of the round table. One of my favourite movies still to this day is First Knight with Sean Connery and Richard Gere. The last King Arthur movie with Keira Knightly massively let me down so I hope this movie can tell the story of King Arthur in a way it deserves. I grew up near Camelot theme park! Big fan! Massive expectations!

Approximate release date 12th May



This is film is so HUGE it has two titles! One for the US and one for the UK. Personally, i don’t understand why we needed a different title? Johnny Depp is back as Jack Sparrow with the return of Will Turner to the franchise. I love the Pirate movies and this looks like another epic adventure that you won’t want to miss. 

Approximate release date 26th May



Saaaaay whaaaat! Yes, Baywatch is back! But Hasslehoff isn’t leading the show running down the beach topless…because that would be weird. He’s so old now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hoff made a cameo though. No, this new remake has an all new, younger fresher cast but still has all the slow-mo scenes, flowing long hair, gorgeous people and abs….lots of ABS! Stars include Dwayne *The Rock” Johnson and the b-e-a-utiful Zac Efron! Ok, I’ll watch it!

Approximate release date  29th May


Which of these films are you more excited to see this month? 


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