I am trying to get myself back in shape and not only for the summer! My fitness is the ultimate yo-yo effect. I am either really healthy or super unhealthy. Hitting the gym or slumped on the couch! Not anymore! I am going to do a monthly blog post about my fitness, diet and health in order to get myself back on track! I am a qualified sport coach so I know some tips and routine I can use to help me get back into shape. I have also had several personal trainers over the past few years. So hopefully I will see my abs again in a few months! Here’s a photo of what I achieved 2 years ago and hopefully again soon. 

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DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER. Most of the fitness, diets and advice below was given to me my qualified professionals based on my body, fitness and lifestyle. 



Protein world 

I love Protein World shakes! Not only do they taste great and I can make pancakes with them but they are also a great way to too weight and get lean. Protein shakes are a meal replacement product so I normally only have mine after I have been to the gym. This feeds your muscles after a great workout and stops those cravings. I usually crave anything with sugar or salt great after the gym! It has also got me eating a lot more fruit than I would normally eat! Processed! I can never eat fruit but blended into a shake…completely fine! Weird I know!

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Fitness First

I joined the gym! Yes, I am back at the gym. I tried going to my local leisure centre of a while but it was a 30 minute walk away so it wasn’t convenient and my laziness took over. I needed somewhere nearer to my home so I joined Fitness First down the road. Slightly more expensive but I now have no excuses not to go. I prefer going to the gym than going for a run. I like having a routine and knowing what I am doing when I’m in the gym so I can spend nearly 2 hours in the gym on most days. 



I LOVE my new Fabletics bottoms! They are super comfy. They cover up any wobbly bits I still have and they look great! I got them in the VIP offer so I got a whole outfits for approx £20!

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Eggs & Bacon

I am back on my Protein diet which worked for me last time. The best part about this diet is that I can eat Eggs and Bacon every morning. So that’s omelettes, scrambled eggs, poached eggs or even eggs and soldiers (brown bread only). How do you like your eggs in the morning?



I am 100% addicted to chocolate! So cutting down on chocolate has always been difficult for me. For example at the moment, I am addicted to M&Ms. I blame my recent trip to Amsterdam for that. I managed to lose weight last time even though I was still eating chocolate every day. I just need to cut down. I can actually have dark chocolate in moderation on this diet but who has chocolate…in moderation? I wish After Eights counted! 


Work lunches

For work I usually bring in a lunch. Usually this is either pasta or rice. I need to get a bit more creative with my meals. I also need to remember to do them. If I forget I have to go into town to get something to eat. This can sometimes lead to takeaways which is a massive NO NO! I was drawn to Greggs for Sausage rolls, or McDonalds or Nandos. None of these are acceptable and they cost a fortune for lunch ever other day if I forget my lunch. I have recently discovered a sushi bar in Waitrose which is better but not as good as making my own lunches! Save money…make lunch the night before!


I have been playing Hockey since I was 11 years old! When I moved to London I joined a team but it didn’t work out so I quit hockey for the rest of the season back in November. I am looking for a new team in London but the new season doesn’t start till September so I am hoping to join a team for summer league asap. Hockey was my main source of fitness and it feels very weird not having my Saturdays dedicated to playing hockey with my mates. 


So as much as I LOVE my new pants from Fabletics, the company themselves also deserves to be in my fails list. I had so many problems with this company trying to get my order to me! It took A WHOLE MONTH for my package to arrive! A MONTH! They lost the first order and advised it was “lost in transition”. They also automatically signed me up for their VIP membership which I didn’t want to be apart of. So I had to call AMERICA to get myself taken off. If I didn’t they would automatically take £20 a month out of my account!? No thanks!


Drink more water and less tea

I used to drink 5/6 cups of tea a day…with 2 sugars! I am now down to 1/2 cups of tea with 1 sugar. I really need to drink more water though. 

Eat less chocolate

It’s those damn M&Ms! I really need to stop eating so much chocolate! 

Lose 10 pounds by next month

My goal is to lose 10lb a month. Hopefully this is doable. If those contestants on biggest loser can lose nearly 10lb in a week during a bootcamp then 10lb a month should be achievable! Right?

Buy one more gym outfit

I need more gym clothes. I feel like if I get another gym outfit then I would be more inclined to go to the gym. There’s logic in this madness. I am actually saving most of my money so once I reach my goal weight I can do a mad shopping spree! The ultimate goal!

No more eating out on lunch breaks

I think Nandos might go out of business but I need to start preparing meals and spending less on eating out on food that is clearly not good for me! 

Go to a fitness class

Since I have stopped playing hockey I need to take up something else in the meantime. Maybe a fitness class at the gym? Dancing? I use to do fencing? Or trampolining? 

Go to the gym at least twice a week!

I had a week off in April and during this time I managed to go to the gym 5 times!! So now I have going to the gym into my routine, I am hoping I can keep this up by going to the gym at least twice a week. I still have a job to go to! 


This month I lost: 4lbs!


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