This week, I won the TodayTix front row lottery for Dreamgirls the Musical on the West End in London. I actually got to sit on the front row of one of London’s hottest Musicals and it was an experience I have always wanted to tick off my list


So, here is how it works so you can enter to win the lottery too. You can either download the app or go on their website. It isn’t just Dreamgirls that is on offer. There are other musicals you can enter to see too. I also entered to see Kinky Boots as well. So if you have a night off you can double or triple your chances at getting a ticket to a show. You can also increase your chances by sharing on Twitter and Facebook!

The tickets are actually for the front row too. I honestly thought it would be the front couple of rows or the front row of the circle etc but no, the very front row! You can see the sweat dripping off their faces! That’s a great seat for only £15/20 per ticket if you win!

You can only apply up to 2 tickets. You can get an alert via the mobile app when the lottery is about to start. The results are emailed to you once the lottery closes and are randomly selected after 3:30pm each day. You have limited time to purchase your tickets and then you can get excited for the show. 


I felt very special sitting on the front row and could physically touch the stage. I could see the conductor and some of the girls at the front next to me even had a lovely chat with him.

Beginning on the front row also brings some attention to you. If you like it or not. For example, when I was watching Dreamgirls I was singled out a few times by the character Jimmy. His character is very flirty and outrageous so myself and some of the other girls on the front row got a lot of attention during his performances. It got a bit like Magic Mike at one point!

At the end of the show I released I was sat a few rows in front of Boy George!!! Yes! I was sat in front of a celebrity! So, did I get a better seat than a celebrity?


So is the front row the best seat in the house? Technically, no. Boy George had it right. I believe the best seats are either the boxes or between rows D-F! Those seats give you a better view of the stage.

Being sat at at the front gives you limited visibility to the back of the stage. Some of the performances like, “And I am telling you!” have some of the performances at the back of the stage so some of us at the front were standing up slightly to see what was going on. This was quite annoying at times but still I thoroughly enjoyed the show and would recommend Dreamgirls to everyone! FYI Amber Riley is a POWERHOUSE


Sitting on the front row is a once in a life time experience which I will always remember and something I have always wanted to do. So should you! Make sure you enter the TodayTix lottery for your chance to win a front row seat and GOOD LUCK!!! 


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Which London West End show would you love to see? Let me know in the comments below!


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