With my foot severely sun burnt, my first stop was to get the best After sun I could get my hands on! Having a red extremely burnt and painful foot wasn’t the best way to spend my last few days in South Africa.


We headed down to the river to rent some kayaks and go tubing. Amy and Ryan got some rubber rings on their first couple of days in South Africa so they wanted to get some more use out of them. This was the prefect opportunity. Not for me though. My foot was ruining my day. We set up our spot on the bank side and everyone blew up their rings. They even had a floating bar for all their drinks. Very practical. Once ready I guarded thier stuff and the boys pulled them up river in a kayak so they could float down the river. Don’t know how they did that. Too much manual labour for me. 




There they go! Not long after they set off Amy’s mum arrived and was gutted she didn’t get to go. So I got us a canoe too and we went on after them. I still don’t know they difference between a kayak and a canoe? Secondly, they really didn’t go too far. The river wasn’t very fast. It was a very lazy river. By the time we caught up with them they were asking us to pull them back up stream so they could float back down again. They hadn’t even gone 100 meters. Pulling them upstream was very difficult and our rowing was awful! Just awful! We ended up in the reeds at one point and I could stop laughing. 


We packed up the tubes and headed to a restaurant for some food. It was my last meal with everyone before my flight back to England so I didn’t take many photos. The place we went for food was so pretty and had lots of dinky shops. They also had a lot of art shops and work spaces in the area. There was also some signs explaining to beware of thieving monkeys in the area which I thought was hilarious. The sweet shop was their main hot spot and had keen interests in some of their treats on show so they have to close their doors sometimes. 

I left everyone and went to get my flight back to England. I had the most amazing time in South Africa with all my girl mates from Uni. I loved being apart of Amy’s wedding and I hope the wedding video I made for her was ok. This trip has been one of the best adventures I have ever had and I would love to go back to South Africa again soon. Till then, it’s onto the next adventure! 



If you want to see more on my adventures in South Africa, please check out my Knysna Heads vlog below:


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