Last week, I finally got to see Aladdin the Musical and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! No beating around the bush on this one! I had high expectations as a Disney fan and Robin Williams is still to this day one of my acting heroes. It wasn’t 100% perfect but still an incredible show for all ages to enjoy. I would totally go and see it again.

Ok, so one of the only noticeable changes from the cartoon were the missing animal characters. Rajah, Jasmine’s pet tiger. Abu who was Aladdin’s monkey and partner in crime. Lastly, Iago who was Jafar’s evil side kick. Now, let’s be realistic they weren’t going to train animals for this show and I don’t know how appropriate it would be to have a real Tiger on stage for a Disney musical. It’s all about the Walking Dead when it comes to Tigers now anyway. These roles have been replaced by human characters.

Honestly, I wasn’t really a fan of Abu’s replacements who took form of 3 best friends for Aladdin. Yes, it took 3 human replacements to fill the whole of Abu the Monkey! He would be chuffed with this! However, I found them quite disappointing and one of them was dressed almost identical to Aladdin’s costume which was quite confusing at times. Rajah’s replacements was also replaced by 3 confidants/friends for Jasmine. Honestly, I can’t remember them at all. Not very remember-able characters. They didn’t say or do much were as Rajah had quite a bit of input in his role.

It get’s better as Iago’s character STOLE THE SHOW! He was amazing! He was a Chinese slightly camp man for Jafar’s sidekick and he was hilarious! Some of the best lines and delivery of the whole show. Bravo! 

My little sister who is a dancer would probably agree too that the choreography wasn’t great either. Don’t get me wrong the dancers were great!! I am not a professional dancer or choreographer in the slightest but there was definitely Egyptian dance moves which made no sense as this is suppose to be set near the River Jordan which is in the middle east. But, Aladdin is also suppose to be Chinese? And for some reason they all have American accents? Confusing isn’t it.

Back to the dancing…some of the choreography felt a bit lazy and slow. There was also some action scenes with swords which were very badly done and way too slow. I can comment on this as I am a fencer! Yes, no jokes! I can sword fight!


I know what you’re thinking! “I thought you said you liked this musical but all you’ve done is complain?!?” I did like it! I’m getting to it! 


The sets were FABULOUS! There was a lot of sparkle on most of the sets in the palace and the cave. The best sets were in the town were Aladdin lives that was filled with beautiful colours and they had inter-changeable buildings which were very cleverly done. They were great for the dance scenes too.

There was even some holographics used to make the magic truly come alive. You can tell a lot of thought went into making each scene spectacular. I was blown away with the cave set. So pretty! If anything I wish they had a bigger theater to make more of a special out of the sets. To make it bigger and better! Be prepared for lots of fireworks, confetti canons and explosions on stage!


My favourite scene by far was for the song a whole new world! I’m not going to lie….I cried! It was beautiful! I’m not going to spoil it as it truly took my breathe away. What an amazing use of set design and imagination to make this scene spectacular! Bravo!

a whole new world.jpg

On to my FAVOURITE character…the GENIE OF THE LAMP!!!! What an amazing take on this character. As I said before Robin Williams is still to this day one of my favourite actors so I was nervous to see how this character would be portrayed. He nailed it! It wasn’t a straight copy of Robin Williams style which is what I loved the most. He still had the loud, outgoing, fun personality of genie but he brought more of a SASSY character to the stage. It was amazing. His delivery of his quick witty lines and humour had me clinging onto his very word and movement. Every number he performed was SPOT ON!

Friend like me was dazzling, Prince Ali was super entertaining and Arabian Nights was just an amazing song to kick off the whole production with the Genie at the lead of it all! It was for lack of a better word and pun intentional…GENIUS! 


Now for Aladdin himself! Again, this Aladdin is totally different to the one in the cartoon. The original Aladdin is charming, smooth and more manly. This Aladdin is goofy and acts more like an immature teenager half the time. I didn’t really like this change at first but as the musical goes on he really grows on you. Even though his accent is a little annoying at times. He is an excellent singer and nailed every performance. I did lose him on stage for quite a lot of the big number scenes so it was hard to keep track of him. Overall, I really did grow to love him and he was a very weird smile which draws you in. Also, CHECK OUT THOSE ABS! DAMN ALADDIN! WOOO!


I rate Aladdin the Musical 8/10!

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Massive thanks to fellow bloggers Lifeasatourist and Brogan Tate for helping me get the ticket!

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