It’s a beach day! Sun, sand, sea and sunburn!!!! I learnt a vital lesson on this day….South Africa is hot and Factor 30 is not enough to protect my British skin! 


Hayley, Stacey and I, headed down the beach today to finally work on our tans. We couldn’t go back to England as white as we came! There are a few beach areas to choose from in the local area. I can’t honestly remember the name of the beach we chose but it was beautiful. We chose a nice little part of the beach next to the dunes so we could be protected from the wind and chilled out while the sun did it’s job on our pale skin. After, a little nap I took a stroll up and down the beach. I actually have a fear of the open water so I only dipped my feet into the waves coming onto the beach. No swimming around for me. That’s a fear to conquer another day. 


After a few hours sunning ourselves, Amy, Ryan, Darian  and Kirstie met up with us. Ryan, Darian and Kirstie are South African so they tan well so they took this as an opportunity to take the mick out of our white skin. We drove the cars to another beach which was just as amazing where we were on the hunt for sea critters. We found a lot of small crabs, washed up jellyfish and small little fish in shallow coves. At this point I started to realise my foot was in quite a bit of pain. I checked it out and my foot was super red! I thought at first it might be a rash or something but it turned out to be horrific sunburn. When I had walked through the water earlier it had taken off my sunscreen and I must have forgotten to top up afterwards. IDIOT! I’ll post a photo at the bottom of the blog to show how bad it was at the time. So with my foot in pain I couldn’t really walk so I just sat down for most of the day. The girls went into the water for a little swim and we then headed to a lovely restaurant for some much needed food. 

IMG_1269IMG_2714IMG_2698IMG_1233 (1)

Next we headed down to Knysna Heads which has an incredible view point so you can see the whole town. Once we had our fill of the beautiful Knysna coast line and I took as many photos as I could, we then headed to what Amy calls “The best Italian restaurant outside Italy”. Big statement! I think Amy bigged it up too much as I wasn’t overly impressed but we had an amazing time waiting for our food to arrive. The night before we had a meal we caused a right scene playing “Heads up” and even got the staff involved. Kirstie missed out but the restaurant was too quiet for us to make too much noise there. So we played “Don’t show Kieth your Teeth” which is a game from one of my favourite TV shows “Celebrity Juice” on ITV2. You basically have to go round in a circle and say words from a category without showing your teeth. One of my favourite games ever! 


Ok, my sunburn. I am really sorry if anyone hates stuff like this but I couldn’t not put this in. A permanent reminder for me to remember to put on sunscreen and my stupidity. 



If you want to see more on my adventures in South Africa, please check out my Knysna Heads vlog below:


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