Yes, I must be dead inside! I know, I know! However, despite the title of this blog post I did actually enjoy the film. However, I was really annoyed with some of the technical elements of the film. I think due to my film degree background and my film movie review blogs I’ve become a lot more picky when watching films and this needs to stop. Some films I can’t watch all the way through without getting technically frustrated. So….here’s some of the reason why I was annoyed by possibly the film of the year. 





So it starts with the beginning! The thing I loved about the cartoon version was how simple it was throughout. One of the aspects of this was the story about how the beast became the beast which was displayed in beautiful stained glass window story boards. Simple! The start of live action film was all overly directed. I would have wanted them to keep the same sort of opening. Maybe not stained glass but maybe carefully animated? Like the story of the Deathly Hallows Emma Watson beautiful narrated. 




Awful! Just awful! My inner 7 year old self is distraught! New songs? Seriously! Why? For one they weren’t as catchy. Secondly, they were purely just used to lengthen the movie. In the other live action Disney movies like “The Jungle Book” they only had 2 songs and they were from the original movie. Stick with the original songs! On a separate note…GASTON NAILED IT!




I believe in changing things for the better. BUT….this film made significant changes just to change them for no reason. It was annoying and unnecessary. The main one for me was Mrs Potts. Why change her face to be on the side? I sounds silly but to me this was a ridiculous change and poor Mrs Potts who is one of my favourite characters from the cartoon was destroyed and given an awful face lift. 

mrs potts.jpg



Seriously, was this necessary? The price was a spoilt brat but did we really need his past to be darker than what it was? It’s a kids film! Also, Belle’s backstory was not essential. This just lengthened the story longer than needed. 




Getting very technical now as my inner director comes screaming out of me. Some of the cuts to this film were way too short. Which meant less time on some of the characters to show off their personalities. Mainly this was on Chip and Belle. Whereas some characters has the perfect on screen time to show character like Gaston who was probably my highlight of the film.




There was way more concentration made on the CGI of this film than the real life characters. Yes, Lumiere and Cogsworth are important too but some of the shots for me of Emma were just lazy. It’s like they were just making sure the scenes used for the trailer were perfect and not the rest of the movie. *SOB*



Beauty and the Beast is MY FAVOURITE DISNEY FILM and as much as I love Emma Watson I honestly prefer the original Disney version. I STILL ENJOYED THE FILM before all my Disney loving friends and Disney blogger friends start giving me hate! Just not as much as I wish I did! Right, now I am off to destroy rainbows, shoot Bambi in the meadow outside London and throw all my childhood toys into the fireplace! JOKING!!! Rant over! 

I rate Beauty and the Beast 7/10!

Beauty and the Beast is in cinemas NOW!

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  1. 24/03/2017 / 7:43 am

    I saw that they had to change Mrs Potts because the location of her nose as a 3D object looked bad. That she looked like a pig and stuff.

    I loved the film but I agree that some scenes felts disjointed. Like in Be Our Guest Belle seems so passive and not entirely interested or delighted. Like if that was happening to you it would be BLOWING YOUR MIND but she just kind of sits there.

    • Natasha Atlas
      24/03/2017 / 8:58 am

      Exactly!!!! It’s like they forgot to film her! In the cartoon she’s having a great time. In the live action film she’s trying to eat and just sitting there. Thought that about her nose but it’s so distinctive

  2. Sophia
    28/03/2017 / 9:00 am

    Dude… I agree completely.

    I think Emma did a horrible job. Belle is supposed to be sassy, distracted, excitable, and opinionated. Emma made her pretty bland in comparison to the original. She goes into the bookstore and does not fan girl at all as she should. Does not snap at Gaston as she should. ‘Her nose stuck in a book’ as she should. The whole point is that she would be so into her book that she would barely realize what people were saying around her, instead, she just carries the book around barely even looking at it.

    And what the hell is up with the Gaston dude? Gaston is buff, this Gaston was NOT. And not nearly as rude as the original. Some of my favorite dialogues/interactions between Gaston and Belle were either shortened or completely removed. WHY?

    The Beast… uhhh The appearance was horrible. Let’s start there. And the whole point of the relationship between the Beast and Belle is that they DON’T have things in common, but he was willing and interested. “…A film about finding freedom through devotion to an unlikely other.” UNLIKELY OTHER. The charm of the Beast is that he is NOT as cultured as he should be, even though he was raised as a prince. He was spoiled for no reason, not because of some shitty past with his parents or because he was actually nice before. No. The whole point is that he’s NEVER been nice, which is why he was punished for it. The whole point is that Belle is able to change him. The whole point is that while Gaston could give a rats ass about Belle’s interests, the Beast actually wants to learn of them and willing to change because of it. He is awkward, doesn’t really know how to dance, doesn’t have table manners, doesn’t have ANY manners, and is super capricious and pouty — which made him adorable. Yet, we’re given this incredibly articulate and read Beast instead, who actually has A TON in common with Belle… da fuq. No. GTFO with that. I don’t want it. UGHHHHH. They butchered a ton of their charming interactions, too. DISLIKE.

    Then, we have the whole gay thing. Going out of their way to make Lefou OBVIOUSLY effeminate. He’s supposed to be the comedy relief, they could have made him gay and still keep his personality. That was just annoying, stereotypical, and ugh. Why? Why, Disney?

    I appreciate some of the backstory additions of Belle’s mom, and so and so forth, but… I feel like I would prefer if they just remade the original AS IT IS, and then added the backstory TO THE ORIGINAL. Because gawd… I found myself cringing way too many times at the addition of those new songs, and the moments that should have felt nostalgic instead felt wrong — due to the butchering and omissions.

    Even Cogsworth wasn’t as funny! The only saving grace was Lumiere, honestly. Thank GOD they did not butcher the “be our guest” song too much. That turned out alright, at least. I enjoyed that part.

    All in all, they added unnecessary songs and removed a lot of the most charming aspects of each character. It worked for some scenes, but so many other scenes should have been untouched. I legit wanted to gauge my eyes out less than half way through the movie just watching Emma’s performance of one of my favorite Disney princesses. AND TO THINK, there’s plenty more live actions coming our way. Gawd… wtf.

    Also, the initial narration, hated it. They should have kept the deep, gloomy dude voice. I cringed right at the end “who could ever learn to love a beast?” that question was formulated with such an up-tone. The dude ended that question super gloomy, as it should be.

    And then WHY DID THEY MAKE THE BEAST SING A HEARTBREAK SONG? WHY!!!!? The other thing about the Beast is that he doesn’t open up or isn’t very good at expressing his emotions. He simply watched Belle leave the castle, and roared out in pain into the night THAT IS WHAT WORKED. No, instead he breaks into this shitty song. What the actual fuck? I JUST. I’m sorry. I literally left the theater just wishing I had just watched the original all over again.

  3. Lauren Cawkwell
    30/03/2017 / 7:24 am

    There we’re a few things that bothered me as we’ll…! Cogsworth annoyed me, in the original he was stuffy but cute and you just want to cuddle him but in this movie he was just a pain in the bum!!

    I also found that Emma Watson singing got to me, I loved the songs and Paige o hara did an amazing version and I didn’t warm to Emma’s version at all, I don’t think she did it Justice.

    I just found most of the castle characters got to me, they we’re all such loveable charactors in the original and I adore them but I didn’t warm to the live action versions.. I don’t know why.. Didn’t feel like there was the heart or something.. I found them annoying.

    Interested to hear other opinions 😊

    • Natasha Atlas
      30/03/2017 / 7:56 am

      Yes! Cogsworth was totally stiff n grumpy! I wasn’t a fan of her singing either but it was passable. I’m such a fan of hers it was difficult to criticise her. I hope Mulan is better!

  4. Sana
    03/11/2018 / 12:59 am

    I didn’t enjoy it as much as the original , the reason why I’m writing this a year later is purely because I’m watching the animated version now and I absolutely love it it’s my favourite princess film and I was so disappointed with the beginning of the film I loved the glass stained back story I find it iconic I always knew as a kids when the movie started with a glass stain scene it was beauty and the beast with out a doubt

    Then I couldnt help but criticise the whole film from that point I found it over the top and so overly done I found the actually movie was simpler and there was no need to try to improve it over dramatise it or change the song I loved the original songs so much

    Honestly I could go on forever about why I wasn’t satisfied it my be because I love the original to much and maybe bias but it just didn’t live up to what I saw in the original in comparison to Cinderella which was better done in my opinion

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