My morning started with a rude awakening from two of my very drunk friends Hayley and Stacey. They woke me up with the sound of a giant singing Santa Clause? Yeah, I have no idea where it came from and I don’t want to know. Please note this was swifty returned the next day and it is the most annoying electronic device in Santa form I have ever seen. 


On today’s South Africa adventure we went on an amazing hike to a waterfall at the end of Half Collared Kingfisher Trail. I am not the fitness I have ever been so I wasn’t too keen at first to do this hike. It actually wasn’t that bad. Most of the path was flat and there wasn’t that many steps or difficult parts of the trail. Most of the path has been rebuilt with steps and wooden decking. Still, I really need to join a gym. The scariest part (this is me being dramatic) was the raft across the river. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the boys hadn’t pulled it back before I could get to land with the girls and was left stranded in the middle of the river for a while. Then, I had to make my way back with the boys who rocked the rafted which threw my anxieties into overload. Mean boys!!!



Once we reached the end of the trail, the waterfall awaited our great efforts. Unfortunately, for us…it started to rain towards the end of the trail. I was very annoyed as I wanted to jump at the waterfall but the rocks were just too slippy so I would have ended up in hospital knowing me and my track record. The lads braved the rocks and climbed to the top while the rest of us seeked shelter. However, I got some amazing shots of them jumping from the top…but I wish it was me! Stupid rain!

We returned to Wilderness to get into a dry set of clothes and hit up our favourite restaurant. We dropped Rachel off at the airport and I rented a car! I have never rented a car in another country before which made me really nervous but it took a few days to get use to it. Rachel’s flight got delayed by 2 hours which is typical as she was stressing out for hours beforehand thinking she was going to miss it. We took Rachel against her will so she wouldn’t have to wait in the airport. She probably would have been happy just sitting their waiting for the flight. However, what’s the point of that when you can spend some more time with your friends in this amazing country! So we went straight to the beach. Looks like we brought the British weather with us as the winds had picked up and the clouds had gone grey. A normal British looking summer for us. Apologies for the locals. We stayed at the beach for a while, played for Frisbee and then took Rach back to the airport. Bye Rachel! Only a few days and then it would be my time to panic to get to the airport on time!


If you want to see more on my adventures in South Africa, please check out my Wilderness vlog below:


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