Last weekend, I went to visit Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. I had some old bedding I didn’t need anymore and was googling the best way to get rid of it. It came up with Battersea Dogs Home. What? I can get rid of my old bedding, do something for charity and play with dogs! Yes, please! I rang up to make sure they still needed duvets and they did so I made plans to see them the next day. 

There were actually a lot less animals than I thought there would be. However, not all the animals are kept “on show”. They actually keep some of them away from other people as some of the dogs don’t like too many people or don’t like being stared at.

There are also other sites so not all the animals are in Battersea. There are other locations around London. They also have outdoor areas where they can take the dogs for long walks and play catch etc so they can stretch their legs.

When I went to visit Battersea I must have done a few loops of the kennels and the staff were constantly taking the dogs out of their kennels to give them some TLC away from the public. Was a lovely sight and great to know they weren’t in their kennels all day. I went at a weekend so there were quite a few people walking around that day.

To keep the dogs calm they play calming music into the kennels. It can range from relaxing music you would hear like if you were in a Spa to smooth Jazz. The cats section was upstairs in the next building. They have glass doors so you can see them more clearly. They don’t care about people looking at them and were just minding their own business. There weren’t many to see as some were in their beds behind curtain etc.

If you can’t see the animals there is always a sheet just outside their door with a picture and more information about them. 

Here’s some of the dogs at BDCH. If you would like more information on them please visit BCDH website:


Let’s not forget the cats! Here’s some of the cats at BDCH. If you would like more information on them please visit BCDH website:


How can you help?



You can donate money to help support the home by either monthly or one off payments



So I donated my old duvet but there are loads of things you can donate to Battersea. Check out there page to see what you have just lying around which would make a dogs day!



Batttersea are always looking for volunteers! Currently they are looking for collection, fundraising and events volunteers. Can you help? 





The obvious way is to adopt one of these lovely animals. Hopefully, all the animals I saw will have already found new homes but new animals will be replacing them looking for homes too!


Battersea is a great organisation! So why not pay them a visit yourself! Be careful though, as you will want to take them all home with you!



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