This is a prime example of not to judge a film by it’s trailer. What an awful film! Let me explain…


The film itself is beautifully shot with the amazing scenery of the Swiss Alps which really gives this film some epic backdrops. However, the film has serious story line issues. Seriously, at some points in the film it was either just badly editing or scripted where it just made no sense and I was lost about 30 minutes in. I just didn’t care! I wanted to leave but unfortunately stayed till the bitter end. What a waste of 2 hours of my life! The film is about a man who goes to a “wellness” center to collect the CEO of his company and return him to the states. However, he either can’t find him, doesn’t want to leave or the staff give him the run around. He ends up in an accident and has to stay till he is healed? Makes no sense, that’s what travel insurance is for….get out of there. The story is poorly constructed between the collection of the CEO, the history of the wellness center and then the story line of the main character Lockheart which has no real relevance to the story. This physiological horror thriller certainly had some messed up moments and had me scared sometimes but mostly I just felt confused and bored for most of the film. The Cinematography was beautiful and if you watch the trailer that’s what draws you in but for this film, the best bits are certainly in the trailer. 

Lockheart is played by one of my favourite upcoming actors Dane DeHaan who I have been fascinated by since his last Sci-Fi performance in “Chronicle”. Love that movie. Wish I could say the same for this one. DeHaan is a great actor but if he wasn’t in this movie, I could imagine it not being at the cinema at all and going straight to Netflix! DeHaan and the cinematography were the only driving forces behind this film. I bet he will look back and regret taking this role. 



I am extremely disappointed by this film. The story line ruined this film and was trying way too hard! It was like they were trying to make it like a modern day Shutter Island which just didn’t work. The sounds in the movie were over done. The acting was ok but without the lead as DeHaan it just wouldn’t work. It’s such a shame as I had high hopes for this film but seriously it was just awful. Oh and the ending…..worst ending to a movie I have ever seen!!!!! The score for this film would have been lower if it wasn’t for the cinematography and DeHaan’s performance. 


I rate A Cure for Wellness 5/10!

A Cure for Wellness is in cinemas NOW!


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