Quite a lot of Sci-Fi films out this month which I am very happy about. There is also one of my “Most Anticipated Films of 2017” here in this list, which I feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime to get onto the big screen! 



Yes, another X-MEN film….BUT this films has steered away from the typical feel of a marvel film. It’s more drama than action and looks amazing! As the newest X-men films are currently set in the past this film in further in the future with the original Professor X, Sir Patrick Stewart himself is back in action!

Approximate release date 3rd March


Certain Women

Watch out everyone! Kristen Stewart is in a serious drama! A proper movie. I know! This film has already been released in the US and some of my mates across the pond have only good things to say about it! Could this be the movie where Stewart gets recognised as a serious actor? 

Approximate release date 3rd March


Kong: Skull Island

Yes…ANOTHER King Kong movie! These movies have been done to death! What is this now? Movie number 4, 5, 6? I don’t know but I wish production companies would just leave this movie be and concentrate on original content! Anyway, they’ve got some big stars in this new remake including the ledgers Samuel L Jackson so maybe it won’t be so terrible! The CGI looks incredible too…

Approximate release date 10th March


Beauty And The Beast

It’s here!!! It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting forever for this movie to come out and as you can tell I am so excited! It’s my favourite Disney movie being made into a live action film and let’s not forget it stars the fabulous Emma Watson! PERFECT! Plus it’s release date is around my birthday! Sorted! 

Approximate release date 17th March 


Get Out

This is the only real horror film out this month and it looks intense. A young couple go to the girlfriends parents but are really awkward about their daughters interracial relationship. There’s been a lot of African Anerican disappearances in the area and things soon go south! This looks to be a very mysterious horror which is already getting great reviews in the states!

Approximate release date 17th March 



Ryan Reynolds ad Jake Gyllenhaal…do you need more of a reason? Ok, here’s more context! It’s a space, sci-Fi, horror film. These astronauts find a living organism on Mars but it soon takes over the ship and kills everything in its bath! Standard alien movie but with two of my favourite actors to look at in the mix! I’ll be watching it! 

Approximate release date 24th March


Power Rangers

Yes, this is real! The Go Go Power Rangers are back and even Alpha 5 is there too! I loved the Power Rangers as a kid. I even had an alarm clock and I was always the Pink Ranger but will I watch this film…maybe? Out of curiosity to see what they’ve done to a childhood favourite of mine but after Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, my hopes are limited! 

Approximate release date 24th March


Ghost In The Shell

Probably the highlight of the month for sci go films! Scarlett Johansson is back kicking as again but not as an Avenger…but as a human cyborg. Based with a futuristic Special Ops team fighting crime. Basically a robotic Black Widow which suits Johansson to a T!

Approximate release date 31st March 


See you at the Cinema!


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