The last film caused a baby boom around the world so no pressure for the sequel to make this film just as raunchy to increase the world population! Ive also just got back from Amsterdam so it was the perfect time to watch this film! Even though I think it made the film looks tamer than it was! Before I carry on with this review I must do one slight disclaimer:


Ok, let’s craic on now shall we…


I liked the last film but I think that’s because I didn’t read the book prior to the film. Everyone I know who did read the books really disliked the last movie so wanting to enjoy the move and have a fresh perspective (and no time to read a book) I opted out of reading the book beforehand. As per the title, this sequel certainly is dark but it is also more romantic and more dramatic. The first film was all about Anastasia, where as this film is all about Christian Grey which I highly applaud. More of Christian scenes, clothes on and off! There really isnt alot of sex scenes in this film. I think there were only about half a dozen but this is a feature film NOT a porno so if your looking for more raunchy sex scenes go to your local XXX shop or get online! The sex certainly got more extreme the further along the film but you only saw the famous red room once. Also, as I mentioned before the film is more about Christina which includes his dark past. The film is more based on his abusive upbringing, relationship with his mother, the abuse and of course his treatment by “Mrs Robinson” which lead to his sex life as a dominant. This film is all about Christina Grey trying to win back Anastasia and trying to prove he wishes to change in order to make their relationship work. 



This film is very centred around Christina Grey which means a lot more of actor Jamie Dornan. Nothing wrong about that! We get to see a different side of Christina this time round. The last film was all about seducing Anastasia whereas in this movie we get to see a more romantic side to Christian. It was lovely to see Jamie play such a romantic sometimes goofy side to this character and in some scenes you think that they are two different people to the first movie. He was utterly charming and lovable in this film which was lovely to see. Anastasia played by Dakota Johnson showed a more stronger, dominating role this time round and certainly wore the pants around Christian (well, when she was wearing pants). I love a strong leading woman role in movies and Dekota certainly pulled this off.  She even showed a more cheekier side to her than the normal wall flower we are used to and let’s face it…she’s got a beautiful body too. I’m off to the gym1


I certainly enjoyed this film more than the last one. It was darker, more dramatic, the story line was better and I loved their relationship this time around. If you missed out on this film opening weekend or on Valentines Day, I would recommend for you to see it. It’s more of a girly film and there’s not enough nudity on Dekota’s side to keep your boyfriend happy for the whole 90 minutes so take a girlfriend! I’ll certainly want to see the next film. The cliffhanger is intense and I need to know what happens next.

I rate 50 Shades Darker 7/10!

50 Shades Darker is in cinemas NOW!


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