I didn’t really know what to expect with this film but with 6 Academy Award nominations under its belt, I was expecting big things! This films nominations include best picture, best supporting actor for Dev Patel, best supporting actress for Nicole Kidman. Prepare yourself for a truly moving movie and don’t forget you tissues. 


The film is based on a true story and honestly I was shocked by the events in this film which makes the story more shocking. The film sheds light on the lost children of India. In particular one child and how he gets separated from his family and lost in the vastness of India! It’s a truly remarkable story about this young boy and how at such a young age thought to survive on his own. It also shows how dangerous it is for homeless children and how vunerable they are in these circumstances. The first 60% of the film is based on the young boys story. This is all spoken in Hindi or Bengali with English subtitles. This might discourage people who loath subtitled films but I urge you to put this part aside! This is only for the first part of the film and you are more invested in the actions rather than what they are saying. The second part of the film is when he is all grown up and going to university. He realises that he can’t find from his past and with the help of modern day technology he tries to find his home. 

Even though Dev Patel is the one nominated for best actor in this film, for me the true star of the show is little Sunny Pawar! This is his first ever movie and he was so memorising. What an amazing young actor and he’s only 8! He was plucked from a slum in Mumbai and now he’s a blockbuster superstar walking the red carpet with Nicole Kidman. Amazing! Rightly deserved as Sunny’s performance was by far the most compelling and I hope this is just the beginning of an amazing future for him. Now for Dev Patel. I have luckily met Patel back when he was doing Skins. I did some art work for E4 and they used it for one of the scenes. I was invited to be an extra in Bristol so my friend Kayles and myself drove down to party with the cast on set! Dev is lovely and since then he’s become a very handsome man! Like seriously fit. Sorry, back to the review of the movie! His performance is Oscar nomination worthy but I don’t think he will win this year with the amazing performances set along side him. However, I don’t think this will be the last time he will be nominated. Patel gave a beautiful performance and honestly had me in tears at one point. Honestly, I think his role in the film was stretched out too long and could have been shorter so his character could have more powerful moments. 

I was blown away by this film. I love films that are so much more than I anticipated. I thought this film was dragged out too long if I am honest. However, the ending had me in absolute tears! Bawling! Sunny was the star of the whole film. Such a cute adorable boy with such talent. Try not to be put off by the subtitles as this film has a lot to give and such a shocking truth to lost children in India. 

I rate Lion 8/10!

Lion is in cinemas NOW!



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