Mel Gibson is back with a bang, literally! Hacksaw Ridge was nominated for 3 Golden Globes including Best Motion Picture, Best Actor for Andrew Garfield and Best Director for Mel Gibson. This film now has 6 nominations for Academy Award including Best Picture, Best Actor for Andrew Garfield and Best Director for Mel Gibson. I tell you now, all these nominations are well deserved! What a movie!


So what is the movie about? Yes, it’s another war movie and I know what your going to say. Once you see one war film you’ve kind of seen them all but this one is totally different! For one, It’s a true story based on one particular solider and his experience as a medic during WWII. Secondly, this solider didn’t fire one bullet and didn’t even want to touch a gun because of his beliefs. He went through the whole of training and had to go though lots of military legal action in order for him to make his way onto the battlefield without baring arms. This is a heartwarming story about standing up for what you believe in and fighting for your country. The battle scenes are so real! They are some of the most graphic and realistic moments I’ve ever scene in a War movie and I was totally memorised by the action sequences and the true gore of life on the front line. Absolutely horrific but done in a surreal beautiful way for the big screen. 


Andrew Garfield is OUTSTANDING in this movie! After losing his dream role as Spiderman, Garfield is truly fighting his way back and taking on some amazing roles including this one. He has two different sides to his character. The first is a man who is a Seventh day Adventist Christian from Virginia and is totally smitten with a Nurse in his local town. It’s a beautiful start to a relationship, back when falling in love was simple and easy even after only knowing each other for a few weeks. The other side of his character is so brave and courageous on the battlefield. Andrew pulls off a great performance and deserves all the nominations he’s received this award season. Other performances with rightful recognition where Vince Vaughn and Sam Worthington. Vaughn was a complete shock for me. Usually Vaughn takes on comedy film roles and when I saw him in this I was thinking this was a stupid casting decision. However, Vaughn’s character was perfect and even though he was a drill Sargent who are quite mean and stern, this character has some amazing hilarious dialog which totally suited him and bought some much needed light to the movie when needed. It feels like Sam Worthington has been away for a lifetime but the wait was worth it. He was a perfect Captain for this movie and let’s face it, he’s also incredibly fit! Worthington plays a strict Captain who doesn’t appreciate the beliefs of the medic under his command and just wants him out. An unarmed solider is not what he needs on the battlefield and believes he is a massive risk to the rest of the troops. The next few years are going to be Worthington packed with The Shack and the new Avatar movies. I honestly can’t wait!

Ok, now for director Mel Gibson. What a come back! After the movie was over, all I could think about was how amazing the directing was throughout. I don’t think the movie would of had the same feel as it did if someone else did it and I can honestly say I thought it was directed beautifully. The flow of the movie was just perfect and there were shots in the movie that were different to any other war movie I had seen. These made it more real and made me more invested into the action scenes. Well Done Gibson! 


My dad was a Royal Engineer and served in Kuwait during my childhood. When I watch movies like this it makes me realise the horrors people in the army, including my dad, could have seen during these wars. The movie was a tribute to the courage it took to enrole in the army and fight for your country. This film was almost perfect for me. I think the only real fault I can give it was there were no actual scenes were the recruit looked like he was actually going to learn medicine at all. He just seemed to know it already even though he had no training. I am sure that was not the case but still this is a hard thing to learn as well as go through all the intense army training he also had to do. So that would of been added value to the stress Doss must have been going through. Honestly, that was the only flaw in the movie for me. I thought it was an incredible movie and I highly recommend anyone to see it even if war movie are not for you. 

I rate Hacksaw Ridge 9/10!

Hacksaw Ridge is in cinemas NOW!


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