To be honest, I wasn’t highly keen on this film at first. Purely by the look of the trailer I thought it was another musical, art farty film with a massive budget to kill. I wasn’t till it won several Golden Globes that I even gave it a second though to watch, even though I was expecting it to win a few by all the amazing critic reviews it’s had so far. I like to keep my reviews honest, so here it goes….it’s one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen in years!



The film is about a wannabe actress who is currently working at a coffee shop and goes to auditions in her free time. The other character is a musician who wants to save jazz by opening up his own jazz club. The pair are struggling to make their dreams come true when they meet and help each other on their journey. As a creative person myself, this film really hit home for me. Anyone who is trying to achieve a creative dream will completely understand how hard it is in this industry. Robert De Niro gave a speech at the NYC graduation ceremony which says it all:


It’s a hard road trying to reach your dreams but you shouldn’t give up. That’s what hit me the most. That these characters were both equally as talented in their chosen paths but the door kept closing in their faces. It was nice to see the support between the two characters as they helped each other towards their goals. The main characters are played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling who were both remarkable. We all know they are talented actors from previous roles in past films but to watch them sing and especially dance the way they did was spectacular. I think Emma Stone gave an beautiful performance but for me Ryan stole the show with his quirky character and his superb dance moves. The way he delivered some of his lines had me in stitches but don’t get me wrong Emma had some hilarious moments too. I certainly didn’t expect this film to make me laugh the way it did and was prepared for a serious arty musical film but I was certainly mistaken on many levels. 



It’s not all singing and dancing like you see in the trailer. It has the right level between serious acting and the theatrical of Broadway. The film has a very old Hollywood style to it which really works even though the film is set in the present. I was really impressed with how some of the musical numbers were basically done in one take! To get through a whole musical number with nearly 100 actors, dancers, singers in just one shot whilst the camera moved around the set was brilliantly executed! Outstanding work by the cast and crew to pull that off in one go but I can only imagine how many times they had to rehearse it to get it perfect!  

I rate La La Land 10/10!

LaLa Land is in cinemas NOW!

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