We’ve had an amazing year of movies for 2016! However, 2017 is set to be just as exciting! Next year is lined up with major blockbusters, sensational sequels and some stand out award winning movies around the corner! Here are my most anticipated movies for 2017 which I can’t wait to see on the big screen next year! Which of these films are you most excited to see?



I am a massive fan of M.Night Shyamalan. He’s directed some of my favourite thiller movies in the past and Split looks like it’s going to be another hit! It’s about a kidnapper who has Dissociative Identity Disorder. However, he doesn’t just have two personalities…he has 23 with a new personality on the way! This look set to be another M. Night Shyamalan classic. 

Approximate UK release date is 20th January 2017



When it was announced that Emma Watson was going play Belle in the live action movie of Beauty and the Beast, I instantly knew this was going to be one of the movies of the year. Then, I saw the trailer and was filled with reassurance. It looks like it’s going to be one of the most magical movies of the year and the release date is near my birthday! IT’S A SIGN!

Approximate UK release date is 17th March 2017



I AM GROOT! Yes, the gang is back to save the Universe! We also get a good look at new Baby Groot in the film! Awww! So adorable. Chris Pratt is also becoming one of my favourite blockbuster actors. He’s a great actor and not too bad on the eyes either. To think we first saw him in the OC as that hippy college guy trying to get into Summer. Yes, that was him! This is going to be a great family film and time for all use Marvel comic fans to geek out together!

Approx UK released date 28th April 2017



Ok, so Brad Pitt isn’t having a great end to 2016. His personal life isn’t going too great but his certainly has some a great film in the pipeline for 2017 for us! I’ve been looking forward to this film since 2013, but it seems longer than that. I love a good Zombie Apocalypse movie. The first film had such as great story line, an amazing cast and with very likeable characters. This highly anticipated sequel best have a great story line to follow the last film or I will be deeply disappointed. Fingers crossed!

Approximate UK release date is 9th June 2017




The Mummy gets a massive revamp next year and headlining the cast is no other than “Tom Cruise”. Yep, they’ve brought out all the big guns for this movie. New cast, new mummy, more CGI and lots of destruction along the way. Even our poor Big Ben gets blow to pieces again. Why has Hollywood always got it in for London’s historic landmarks? Anyway, this is looking to be a great action movie for next year, which also means another premier visit to London for Tom Cruise! Woo!

Approx UK released date 9th June 2017



Yes, I’m just a geek really. I do like the Transformer movies. Call it a guilty pleasure! Yes, they’ve been going downhill since the first movie. Yes, the first movie was epic! But since then they’ve really been struggling. They’ve also had a lead character chain since Shia Labeouf has left the franchise, where Mark Wahlberg has taken over. Wahlberg can be a bit hit and miss. Don’t get me wrong he is a great actor but I do think he is sometimes cast in the wrong films. The last film was very half and half based on his character but there was a lot of humour to the character I wasn’t really expecting. I’ll still be looking forward to this film as I love a good cheesy action film!

Approximate UK release date is 23rd June 2017



Spidey is back! I felt so bad for Andrew Garfield when Marvel decided to remake the movies (AGAIN!). I really enjoyed Garfield’s role on Peter Parker, he was an awesome Spiderman and was a true fan of the films. Now Tom Holland is in the mix, he is really warming on me as this leading role. When I saw Tom as the new spidey in the latest Captain America Movie, I thought it was a great soft introduction to the new Spiderman. With the new trailer just being released for Spiderman: Homecoming I really think this could be one of the best Spiderman movies so far! Well Done Tom!

Approx UK released date 7th July 2017



I’m a huge fan of the new Planet of the Apes films. The apes personalities and emotions are brought through beautifully to make outstanding performances with the help of CGI. Now the Apes and the remaining human race are now completely aware of each others existence, it is completely clear that there will be no peace between to two species. It’s time for all out war! Even though we already know the result, it’s still going to be an epic summer movie!

Approx UK released date 14th July 2017



ACA-WHAAAAT! The Bella’s are back! My friends and I love this movie. We constantly quote lines from the movie and it’s a great film to watch if you need a pick me up. The last film….wasn’t so great! But I have high hopes for the next film. The films are hilarious and a great friendship film which you don’t really see anymore. The next film will bring more laughs, more songs, more routines and more cardio for poor fat Amy. Aca-amazing!

Approx UK released date 21st July 2017




These release date on this film has been pushed back to December which just means a more anticipated wait till the next installment of these classic films. I’ve been watching these films since I was a child and even though I’m not a die-hard Star Wars fan I still enjoy the adventure and excitement of the films. I loved the last film which surprised me as I loved the classic films but it was a great follow on from the originals. I honestly thing the next film will bring something special to the end of the year. May the force be with you…and all that jazz!

Approximate UK release date is 15th December 2017


Bring on 2017!!!


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