Prepare for a shock because all these films came out this year! What?! Time flies and we’ve had a great year of movies to set the bar for next year. It feels like yesterday I was in the cinema watching some of these films and now I am here reviewing the year! WOW!  Here are my favourite films that came out this year! How many of these films have you seen?



13 years later we have a sequel from the beloved Pixar film Finding Nemo. I love Pixar films! They’ve produced some very entertaining original films throughout the years that are great for the whole family. Finding Dory is based on the story of how Dory gets lost and ended up bumping into Marlin. It’s filled with some new hilarious characters (The sea lions are my favourite and let’s not forget Becky!) plus the Octopus reminds me of my very sarcastic side. I watched it on the train going back up north a few weeks ago and was crying in laughter on the train…quite embarrassing now I think about it! There was also some quite emotional moments in this this film too. Defiantly worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet!



Let’s be honest! The best part about this film was the introduction of our new Spiderman, Tom Holland. The highly anticipated new avenger and I can’t wait for his first feature film. It’s going to be one of the best Marvel Films of the year! Spidey a side…it’s great to see the majority of the Marvel characters from different movies finally together even though they are kicking each other’s ass for half of the movie…just like a real family! I think the next Avengers film is going to be something off the scale but we are going to have to wait till 2018 for that probably.  



Where do I start with this film? Despite the film being ripped to shreds by critics alike, I really enjoyed this film! I saw it twice at the cinema and since I bought it on DVD I think I’ve watched it 5 move times. Harley Quinn and the Joker are the main highlights of the film. I just couldn’t get enough of them. Bravo to Margot Robbie and Jared Leto on their stunning performances on this film! Their characters are so intriguing, creepy, psychotic and just perfect! Also, Cara Delevingne was perfect as The Witch. I was entranced by the way she moved in this film and let’s be honest she’s just stunning. Let’s not forget Will Smith who has been one of my favourite actors for years. In my eye’s he can do no wrong…other than After Earth which had so many issues! The soundtrack on this film was also spot on! Defiantly one of my films of the year!



This film has also been given a lot of stick but again I really enjoyed it! Yes, nothing will beat the original which is probably in my top 10 films of all time. However, I was very happy with the story line of this new film and having most of the cast members back for the sequel. Except, Will Smith (sad face). It’s 20 years since the first film (WHAT!?)! They always knew the aliens would come back so they’ve been preparing for it ever since. This film brings a new cast to the mix, including Liam Hemsworth (my future husband, sorry Miley) to save the world as the new generation of heroes!



I didn’t think I would enjoy this film as much as I did! It’s defiantly a lot funnier than I thought it was going to be and I was for the most part in stitches. However, I wasn’t really a massive fan of the love story within the film which I thought was a bit much but this humour and witty one liners made up for it. This film is one of my favourite comedies/action movies of the year. Ryan Reynolds proves there are second chances for everyone and even jokes about the Green Lantern in the movie.



Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this movie. Yes, it is an alien movie but it’s not any alien invasion movie you have seen before. It’s more about linguistics. How we would try to communicate with them if they came to Earth. Obviously, they wouldn’t understand us and we wouldn’t understand them so how we go about it. It really makes you think about communication and how to decipher new languages. I can’t praise this movie enough. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and I highly recommend this film even if you are not a fan of sci-fi movies.  



I was left in a slight emotional mess after this movie. The new Star Trek films are usually quite fun and action packed and don’t get me wrong this still is but the story line goes beyond the normal boundaries of the films. The crew have been together for a while now and are more like family than crewmates. In this film, the star ship Enterprise gets torn apart and the crew is separated. It’s quite an emotional film this time around. It also pays tribute to the loss to the legend Leonard Nimoy who played Spock and the tragic loss of Anton Yelchin who was an outstanding young actor. The film is dedicated to them and the upcoming sequels won’t be the same without them.



I went to see this with my sister, Nicole and we absolutely loved it. Yes, we were probably the oldest in the cinema but we knew the story long before those kids were even born. We were in our element and the film even has two of the original songs from the Disney classic. It’s fair to say we had a good singalong that day. It had to be done! It’s really a beautiful movie and is deserving to be in this year’s top 2016 movie list.



So, I never read the book before I watched this movie. Quite a few of my friends who has read the book first weren’t happy with the film but I think as I had a fresh perspective I enjoyed it more than them. It’s a great crime/thriller movie with lots of twists and turns. I’ve not seen a movie like this since Gone Girl which I also loved. Emily Blunt completely stole the show of course and the story was very well editing together. Even though the ending was a bit predictable for me I thoroughly enjoyed the story line. I think this could be entered for a few Academy Awards next year.



If you are not a fan of horror movies then you will hate this film. I love a great horror movie and this is my favourite horror of the year! The beginning of the movie was very slow and I was ready to give it a bad review within the first 20-30 minutes but what a comeback! I was hiding my eyes and scrunched up in a ball in my seat. I’ll never be able to look at nun in the eyes again!



It’s an Amy Adam takeover this year! I got invited to see this film at a media screening. I didn’t know anything about it. I watched the trailer beforehand obviously but it didn’t prepare me for what I was going to see. The first 5 minutes alone still haunts me in a hilarious, moving, mesmerising and really…weird way! It’s a crime/thriller/drama but by the end of the film you will think to yourself….what did I just watch!



This is one of those films that shows the weird powers of the internet. I love how this film shows how fun the social media can be but the dark side behind it too. It also has a cheeky cameo from one of my favourite YouTubers Casey Neistat and the lead Dave Franco isn’t too bad to look at either. The film is based around a girl who doesn’t really takes risks and starts playing a game called Nerve which is all about pushing you to your limits to win money. It’s a great thriller adventure around New York City and has some hilarious moments.



I bet most of your reading this blog hasn’t seen or maybe even heard of this movie “Midnight Special”. It’s the only real Indie movie on the list. It has some big stars such as Kirsten Dunst and Michael Shannon but has been very under the radar. It’s about a boy who has special powers and his family are trying to get him to a special location but they don’t exactly know why. All they know is he is…different. This film is about the child but is centred mostly about the relationship with his father which is what I enjoyed the most. It’s a lovely, heart-warming film with some great special effect thrown in.



One of the scariest and thrilling horror movies of the year! I found this movie on Netflix one night thinking it would be an easy watch. How wrong was I?! I was not ready for this film and it was stimulating watch for a Netflix film! It’s about a deaf woman who lives in the middle of nowhere. Firstly, why do they always live in forests etc? I am ever grateful for my busy, cramped and heavily polluted London right now. Her neighbour gets murdered by a masked killer who then sets his sights on her. He realises she is deaf and mute, who then proceeds to torment her. It’s a great watch!



OK, I can hear everyone going…why is this in here!? Well, I honestly thought this movie was going to flop…HARD! However, I was mistaken. It was so much funnier than I anticipated and I even watched it twice! Obviously, Renee has been in the papers for most of early this year for her facial surgery and doesn’t really look like the Bridget Jones we recognise anymore. She still sounds the same, she still acts the same and still has the Bridget personality we all love so that can all be put aside. This film was hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable! Plus I loved all the dramatics between Mark Darcy and the new man in Bridget’s life. Oh, and let’s not forget the mystery of who the daddy is!? Also, Emma Thompson who plays a small role in the film completely steals the show at points! Brilliant!

Which was your favourite film for 2016? Let me know in the comments below!


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