One of the best experiences of my life! I’ve been to the Grand Canyon once before but going with TrekAmerica was something really special! The first time I went to see this natural wonder was on a tour from Vegas which was dreadful! Firstly, we were hungover which was unbearable at times but completely our fault. Sometimes you just can’t turn down all you can drink for $10 which I won’t do again anytime soon. The journey was about 5-6 hours and when we got there, we only got about 30 minutes to take photos and then leave. Horrendous! TrekAmerica’s visit to the Grand Canyon was something special and unique from start to finish!


We had quite an early start to get the Grand Canyon. I’ve only ever gone to bed at 5am in Vegas so getting up at this time was quite tricky. There were a lot of grumpy faces the next day, a few hangovers and one trekker who was still on the tipsy side to say the least! I pretty much passed out as soon as we hit the road. I’m definitely not a morning person. We had 2 stops on the way to break up the journey. First stop was the Hoover Dam. We had a nice little walk across and admired the view. That was the first amazing view we would see that day.


The next stop was route 66. We entered the small little town which had loads of gift shops and little stores. They even had some of the cars decorated like the Pixar movie “Cars”. Once we had stretched our legs a little, Emily found up a cool spot to take photos with one of the Route 66 signs on the road. This was particularly tricky as it was an active road and not a exactly tourist attraction but completely worth risking our lives every 5 minutes to get an epic photo! 

A few days before,  we had the option to book a helicopter ride across the Grand Canyon. I didn’t chose this option as I had seen it before but would highly recommend anyone going for the first time to do it! Two of the girls opted for the Helicopter ride so we dropped them off first. The rest of us headed straight to the National Park in the trek van. When we arrived Emily asked who hadn’t been to the Grand Canyon before and stared to hand out bandanas to everyone who hadn’t seen it. Everyone who hadn’t been got blindfolded and we escorted them right to the end of the rim. Don’t worry there were railings…we wouldn’t let them fall of the edge!


Then 1….2….3! What a sight! It might have been my second time seeing this natural wonder but I still can’t believe what an amazing place this is! The ridges, the colours, the atmosphere…it just never gets old! Just look at it!


We had a little walk around the rim and spoke to some of the rangers who taught us how the Grand Canyon had eroded over thousands of years. It’s pretty incredible! Later, we ordered some Pizzas and had dinner on the rim at sunset! Who ever thought Pizza Hut delivered to the Grand Canyon! I think that was one of my favourite evenings of the whole trek. I’ve never done something so amazing in my life and is something I will remember for ever!

The next day, we ate breakfast in the hotel. We bought some cereal, bagels, juice and ingredients to make sandwiches the day before so we could save some money. Once we had made ourselves a pack lunch, we were on our way back to hike the Grand Canyon. I couldn’t really do a massive hike as I have really bad ankles from a hockey injury years ago. The start of the trail was pretty icy and some parts were covered in snow. Honestly, it sounds dangerous but it wasn’t too bad. You just need to make sure you have shoes with a good grip (Trainers, walking boots or hiking boots). You can only go to a certain point on the trails with TrekAmerica and have to turn back. This is due to how long it takes to get there and get back, plus the obvious health and safety restrictions. You need a lot of water. There were about 3 points during the hike. I only could manage to get to the first point. I stopped there, had some lunch, took some epic photos and just admired the view for a while. Then it was a good hike up the Grand Canyon again. I can’t express how much I enjoyed these 2 days.

What an experience!



If you want to see more on my adventures with TrekAmerica on the Southern BLT, please check out my Grand Canyon vlog below:



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