I LOVE HORROR MOVIES! Seriously! Horror movies are one of my favourite film genres. If i ever get to make a film it will probably be a horror movie! I have watched most of the horror films on Netflix and NOW TV. When a new horror movie comes out, I need to see it! Scare me in real life in the street, I will probably hate you for the rest of my life but I love sitting down to watch a good scary movie. Here are my favourite horror movies released this year!



You’ll never want to babysit again after watching this film. This isn’t your typical babysitting horror slash movie. This film is based around a woman (who doesn’t look young enough to be a babysitter and really should have more common sense than to take this job!) who takes a job to look after a couples son. However, the son…is a doll! Crazy people. Why didn’t she leave?…the money! It’s always the money! A bit like the film “Annabel”, this  creepy doll moves around the house willy nilly when you turn your back on it. Making this to be the scariest and toughest job this babysitter has ever taken. She should of just taken a job at McDonald’s or got a paper round.



This is one of my favourite horror movies of the year! Honestly, it started off really slow and I was ready to give it a bad review within the first 20-30 minutes. What a turn around! It’s super scary and I was nearly in tears at one point. Just couldn’t cope! The Conjuring is based on the paranormal cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Conjuring 2 starts with the Amityville case and follows onto the main story of Enfield Poltergiest here in London. Like I said it’s a slow build to the main story but once it gets going you’ll be needing something to hide behind. 



Lessons to be learnt from this film are…don’t break into people’s houses and don’t hide in a basement. A group of friends break into a blind mans house, however this blind man doesn’t make the job easy for them. This guy knows how to handle himself. Like he can seriously kick ass! Using the dark as his weapon and sound to his advantage. You’ll be holding your breathe too during this movie! 



I had some doubts about this movie but there are some serious jumpy moments that quickly changed my mind. The beginning is quite predictable but the ending made up for it. Shockingly the movie is about a haunting that appears when the lights go out…NO WAY! Yes, the title really shows exactly what it says on the tin. If your scared of the dark or had a nightlight as a child this film will really make you jump out your skin!



More of a thriller than a horror movie to me but this still lands in my top 10 of the year. I wasn’t too keen at first as shark movies haven’t really been too successful since Jaws. However, Deep Blue Sea will always be one of my cheesy favourites. Blake Lively does an amazing job in this shark attack movie. Stranded just off the coast with a great white trying outsmart her. This is defiantly a film you need to see…don’t worry…its 1000 times better than Open Water! Promise! 


The Purge is a great concept for a horror film! One night a year…in America…oh America…they lift all laws! Robbery, Murder, etc and the people of America let loose sort of speak. Some go on a murderous rapage through the street or just let thier crazy out for one night! Other stay inside thier houses and try to avoid being a purge victim. This film is based on the upcoming presidential election, where one candidate wants to stop the Purge…some people are not happy with that so they obviously go after her.



The original Blair Witch is one of my favourite horror films of all time and sets the original hand held camera style where the actors film from thier perspective. It makes it much more real and set the standard for future found footage films. Nothing will beat the original and I was really worried this film would ruin a classic. It starts off slow but as soon as they spend their first night in the woods it all kicks off. The ending….the ending is crazy scary! I’ll never go camping again…!



We always get one zombie film a year and this is 2016 zombie movie of the year! Walking Dead fans or just zombie movie enthusiasts who love a good zombie apocalypse film will be all over this one. It’s proving quite difficult to get a new angle on these types of films and even though this film has a pretty standard story line….RUN! It still has a new twist for a movie and based on a best selling novel. These infected children could be the cure and like all zombie movies there will be a lot of running for their lives. I can’t wait till World War Z II! More Brad Pitt please! #RIPBRANGELINA



This is a beautiful and slightly disturbing horror film. Tears! Actual tears but horrific at the same time. A boy has the ability to make his dreams come true while he sleeps. Meeting a young couple who lost their son, he dreams he returns to the house. However, not only his dreams come true but his nightmares too. You won’t want to fall asleep too after watching this film!



One of my favourite films of the year! Missed it? Fear not! It’s on Netflix! This film has amazing suspense and had me yelling at the TV! Which is a stupid idea as 1/ They can’t hear you…its a TV! and 2/ The main character is deaf! Twice as stupid! Yes, a deaf, mute woman living in the middle of nowhere (always the middle of nowhere, they never learn) gets harassed and tormented by a murderer who firstly kills her neighbor then sets his sights on her. This is such a great movie so get on Netfix now and enjoy your Halloween night in!

Happy Halloween Everyone!



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