My First Blog Post: The Start of a New Adventure!


How I Got Here!

In January 2016, I left my friends and family up North to start a new adventure in London. I got a brand new job here and with it a new life in the big smoke. I’m not going to lie…it’s been hard but moving to a new place is something I’ve been quite accustomed to as a passionate traveller. I work in Travel but I’ve always been interested and had a passion film & TV. I actually have a degree in TV Production and one day I would love to use it 100%. I don’t want to be a statistic and be a graduate who doesn’t use their degree…I’m still paying for it and will be for a very long time!

My new job let’s me use parts of my degree as I help with the social media side of the business and work with the Marketing team to produce video content for their YouTube channel. I LOVE IT! But the best part of this job, like any travel job, I get to travel!!! Recently, I went on a cross country trek across America from Los Angeles to New York. Seeing amazing locations like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and going on a Swamp Tour to big city life in DC, New Orleans and my favourite city VEGAS!!! I also spent my birthday in Austin, Texas! I remember….most of it?



Starting a YouTube Channel!

I never thought about starting a YouTube channel at all until I was initially researching for my Trek before I got my new job in London. I couldn’t decide which trek I wanted to do….there was a lot to choose from and so many amazing choices! I was stuck so I contacted the company “TrekAmerica” directly. They were really helpful and actually sent me a link to a YouTube channel “Travel Sassy” who had recently done a trek I was interested in and vlogged the whole thing! I watched all her videos and I was inspired! Not just to pick the trek I wanted to do but to start a channel of my own.

When I was at Uni we were advised to start a channel so we could have a portfolio of work easily accessible online but that’s all it was. I never thought that starting a YouTube channel about something I was really interested in would be such a great outlet for me to express myself and show what I can really do which is making great video content! (Well I hope its good?). I started practicing by making weekly vlogs which was also a great way to help my confidence in front of camera as I am more use to being behind it. It was also a great way to keep my mum off my back asking if I’m still alive and if I’m ok haha! I’m still ok mum, please stop worrying!

Once I got back from my trek I started editing and uploading my videos. The response I got was CRAZY!!! I never expected so many people to watch and enjoy my TrekAmerica series. Right now, I have about 10,000 views on this series! That’s amazing and I’m so overwhelmed. However, my other passion is entertainment and I somehow wanted to incorporate this into my channel…that didn’t go as well! The videos didn’t get many views and they take a lot of time and effort to make so I stopped. I also wanted to take a step back and re-evaluate the channel….what can I do to make this better?


Why Start a Blog?

So I love film, TV and travel! I also want to talk about other stuff which doesn’t fall into these categories. I love my YouTube channel BUT I want the content on there to be great and well-made so I will only be using the channel for travel videos and other well produced content. I don’t like the idea of putting content up on YouTube every week if I am not proud of it. SO….this is where the blog comes in! I still want regular content to go up and there so much stuff I want to talk about which is a lot better written down than produced in a video.

I have mostly avoided making a blog as I suffer with dyslexia….this first blog has been spellchecked A LOT!!! So why now? My new job has really given me more confidence about writing. I respond to A LOT of emails as well as Facebook messages, tweets (character response nightmare!) and Instagram posts. It’s fair to say, I still can’t put full sentences 100% together correctly BUT I am trying! My apologies if this first blog still has spelling mistakes or grammar issues! I tried….and honestly….I really don’t care about the odd error! I’m not entering any competitions here. The story is the main thing and I can only do my best with dyslexia as my worst enemy. I’ll never win a writing award or probably anything for this blog but at least I now have another creative outlet!



What’s Next???

I have sooooooo many exciting plans ahead in the next year! Some are still top secret but some I can reveal now as you have very nicely read my first blog! So as I work in travel I get to go to some amazing locations! So I have a few travel plans coming up next year which I am super excited about and waiting to get confirmed before I can spill the beans!

I can finally reveal that I am going to……CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA in December for a friends wedding which I am a bridesmaid for too! The bride wants me to film her wedding so I will be making a lovely wedding video for her but I will also be filming the WHOLE TRIP!!! So I’ll be vlogging everyday (except the wedding as that is her personal day and will be for her wedding video only!) and showing all the crazy things we will be getting up to in South Africa with all my Uni friends! It’s going to be amazing, I can’t wait to see my friend Amy in her wedding dress and celebrate this special day with her and Ryan the future hubby!

I will also be going away for my birthday again next year in March back to my favourite country AMERICA but this is still in the works so I can’t reveal this yet either! Other than that I am hoping for a few mini trips to Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin and Berlin! I am also waiting for confirmation on my work trips and these could potentially be in a country I’ve never been before and possibly a continent I’ve never been before either. It’s fair to say next year I will be ticking a lot of places of my bucket list!

If that wasn’t enough, I am also super lucky on occasion to be invited to go to see movie previews and go to some special events which I might write about in my entertainment section. I also took up photography again when I came down to London as a new hobby which I am loving and my photos have been picked up by sites such as Visit London, Secret London and Lonely Planet. Make sure you check out my Instagram @NatashaAtlas_ (super plug)! FYI the photo below is one of mine 😉 More than anything, I just love the fact that people like and appreciate my hard work!

I’m not doing YouTube or blogging to potentially get famous, earn money or anything like that. I seriously just want to develop my skills in film making, editing, writing and story telling and to know that people enjoy what I am doing is the best feeling! This is what I want to do and since moving to London, I finally feel like I am achieving my goals! I just wished I took this scary step a little bit sooner but I am ready now and so far….it’s going great! Thank you all for your support so far!


I’m ready for the next big adventure!





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  1. Tim
    23/10/2016 / 7:27 pm

    Great first blog looking forward to the SA blogs already 👍

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